New Type of Social Websites are Here!

We Build a social community around the “interest and topic” of your “target-audience” and help you Convert them into “Your Brand Users” while they sign-up in 1Hit via Google Sign-in.

Hindustan Social-Tech
will help

you with below

Creating a Brand Experience and build engagement within your Website

100Out of the Top Brands of the world are already using Design Thinking to build brand equity via experience!Customer experience

People no more buy products, they buy experience!

-Yeoh Siew Hoon, Coca-Cola

Does your “Customer feel” like “The king” with your brand?

Hindustan Social tech will →Help your customers “solve their pains”

→Make “Your Customer feel” like “The king”

→Give your customers a “better place to be online”

→Discuss “Relevant topics” and post “interesting videos” of
cutomers interest first

→Bring a delight and “Increase customers experience” which will

→Make “Your customer” “come back” to your brand again, to participate & engage!

What is the Impact we bring to you?


You get the power to compete with your competitiors, with an edge!

Constant visibility of your branding inserted inside the eMail notification/alerts

Optimize your digital marketing spends, and savings on digital spends

No need to spend on re-targeting the same visitors if they signed-up

→In-return share the savings as reward points to your website users/customers

→And, Your brand will always be present in the minds and eyes of your target audience!

What is the Value you get?


You keep building!

You get life-time opportunities with your customers..

→Engaging users of your website/brand to build trust

→Make them buy your product & services, life-long!

B E F O R E - you put

your next round of money, effort and time

ZeroIts NOT about how many hits you are getting on your website anymore! At the end of the day, it’s all about the conversion and further building conversations!

Youmust have worked hard on building a great product or services Discuss with our social tech expert!

Becasue all the theories, logics and analysis goes for a toss when the numbers start ticking…


Selling digitally is the Future! Selling has become more social, open and referral based.

The future is tough for you, if you don’t realise and adopt this big change happening and it’s into a fast transition phase! If you miss this bus, you will keep pushing and won’t be able to create the pull!

We just need to start thinking more humanly, about our customers!

The World Needs The Right Slogan!

You need great clarity with right marketing, to make your idea, product & cause stand out..!

We will give you the power of social networking

Right from building your own Social marketplace, Ecosystem models, Peer to Peer, till Aggregating fans & followers from various scatered Social Media on your own Branded Social Network! Build your Brand Equity.

Launch Your Own

Branded Social Apps

Boost your idea, business or a social cause by connecting people, See how it works!

We Create Tailor Made customised Online Community, eCommerce marketplace & Social Network at 1 place!

Watch Our Vision of

The New Age India!

We are helping so many people, of various industry, brands, ideas & segments. Checkout, What our customers are saying..

Clients Testimonials

The team has done a commendable job by bringing in all the elements that we ever wanted. Right from the color scheme to the navigation, entire innovation was made perfectly fit into our use case.

Gopal Sharma, -Managing Partner. tVaste Overseas LLP & Ex Service delivery Head, Pearson India.
Brij Ratan Varshney
-Managing Partner and Director. tVaste Overseas LLP

This New Social Networking is revolutionary; having self-branded social applications with custom features will act as the much-required tool for building future ecosystems of India.

Rajesh Singh, Consultant and advisory board member of Indian Industry. An alumni of IIM, Bu2019lore, ESADE, Spain &NIFT, Mumbai.
Rajesh Singh
Consultant and advisory board member of Indian Industry. An alumni of IIM, Banglore, ESADE, Spain &NIFT, Mumbai.

We were looking for something like this. Its a boon for business to connect online, especially at the time of Covid-19 crisis. The speed of execution of team is unbelievable

Raj Nidhi Sharma, Sr. Consultant to NPC India (Govt. of India Undertaking) & Industrial Project Head withSharda University
Raj Nidhi Sharma
Sr. Consultant to NPC India (Govt. of India Undertaking) & Industrial Project Head with Sharda University

Seems very promising. I'm sure, this is going to take leap and bounce and will be in good interest of developing a better ecosystems

Sumit Kumar, Vice President -Operations for Atal Bihari Innovation Lab, from IIM Ahmedabad. IIM Lucknow Alumni
Sumit Kumar
Vice President -Operations for Atal Bihari Innovation Lab, from IIM Ahmedabad. IIM Lucknow Alumni

The teams delivered really good. I have gone through it and our platform is done excellent.

U.P Shah, Director -Dept of I.T & eGov, CEO -JCNL, Jharkhand State Govt.
U.P Shah
Director -Dept of I.T & eGov, CEO -JCNL, Jharkhand State Govt.

The superior service we've received from Hindustan Social for our startup platform is highly appreciable. They never failed to meet the expectation while provided excellent eCommerce to the aspiring customers of our Art community. We can achieve any Social Tech Solution within no time.

Atul Shuarya, Founder, Shilpkaari.com
Atul Shuarya
Founder, Shilpkaari.com

My clinical research work is highly complex which required unique social features and content management for simplified outreach. Just after 3 sessions the Team delivered something which i was unable to get since years!

Dr.Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Ranchi
Dr.Suresh Kumar Agarwal
Among the finest Ayurvedic Doctors in Ranchi.(Amrita Family Health Center)