From the future,

Welcome to the Past

Once upon a time

Social Media Networking & Websites used to be different from each other

from Year2040 >> Year2021

Lets take, A Time travel..

Kids will,
read this as future news....

A long time ago,

When bluebook, inkedin and twitox used to be called worlds leading social media networks. During this time their SocialApps had a Raj on peoples mobile, while having their own consumer segment....!

It is a period when

People used to spend lot of time & money for visibility & finding like-minded people to connect with each other..!

On the other hand, website used to depend heavily on social networks, to get traffic and visitors. People used to remain inside their social wall Feeds, thinking its their online circle & such networks used to earn in billions those days!

Plans to challenge these Empire's

Many brains were working since long to disrupt this for an ultimate solutions... The REAL SHIFT, came when people realised that the real power behind success of social networks is their own traffic.. And with help of OPEN_NETWORKS.. PASSION took the center stage.

People realised & started creating their own networks, earn & sustain.

A New social democracy started!

Early adopters realised its potential & created new social market places.. & New ideas of networking like health-networks, emapathy-network, research-networks & many more helped the humanity and ultimately human communities started thriving back again!

Driven by the People & For the People it brought localisation, and customised experience for growth. And freedom got restored!

Open networks helped millions realise their dreams!

Watch the innovation

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― Buckminster Fuller